Fully Encrypted Streaming

The risks of transmitting unprotected content over the Internet are increasing larger. For live sports and entertainment programs, encrypted streaming is very prudent. For live medical, surveillance and other highly sensitive content, encryption is essential and mandatory: every stream, whether transmitted over UPD or TCP, whether live or prerecorded, is encrypted can stream virtually any type of high-resolution audio and video content in all bitrates and formats including High Definition, 4K, 8K (100 Mbps) and even Digital Cinema (260 Mbps).

And stream 3D video and the 360-degree video used in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (alongside the other digital elements embedded in VR and AR programs) elements used by online games, especially real-time strategy and massively multiplayer online games.

The unmatched streaming performance offers close to 2 Tbsp., fully encrypted cannot be achieved with off-the-shelf hardware and software developed a custom multi-board computing platform specifically designed to eliminate latency and processing bottlenecks when transmitting hundreds of thousands of streams. This platform not only provides terabits of media-over-IP streaming bandwidth