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A next-generation Real-Time Media Streaming & Caching System that packs a Data Centre’s worth of live high-resolution video and audio streaming performance into a single seamlessly networked into a global Streaming, provide higher streaming performance, greater stream quality and superior scalability than even the large and advanced conventional Content Delivery Network.

Live streaming on the Internet today is marred by excessive transmission latencies that delay the viewing of sports and other live events by many seconds, sometimes many minutes. These delays are strikingly apparent when watching a ball game via satellite broadcast while simultaneously streaming it to a smartphone or PC.

The satellite program arrives far ahead of the Internet stream. What causes these streaming delays? Perhaps the Internet is unable to deliver video streams in real-time? That is simply not the case. As any user of Skype knows, we can hold a high-quality Internet video conference with someone on the other side of the globe with minimal latency.

Skype’s real-time performance clearly indicates that the Internet’s network infrastructure, its routers, switches, and related networking devices are fully capable of delivering media packets in real-time. That leaves only one possible cause for streaming delays: The Internet servers employed to transmit streams, a radically new type of real-time server, solves the problem of streaming delays. Combining very low latency with complete security and performance (nearly 2 terabits of streaming per second), the hundreds of thousands of fully encrypted media streams in real-time to Smartphone’s, PCs, Smart TVs, and other playback devices with quality that beats satellite broadcasting.

Enhanced Audio

Is an AI driven enterprise software & services to transform the digital audio landscape by radically enhancing all forms of listening for higher levels of immersive individual and collective experiences.

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Fully Encrypted Streaming

The risks of transmitting unprotected content over the Internet are increasing larger. For live sports and entertainment programs, encrypted streaming is very prudent.

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The Incentivized Media Channels is the solution to connect with Customers at scale and use payment gateways to share portions of the ad-spend with Consumers that Opt-in to see Brand “messages” and execute sales.

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Real-time Streaming

Conventional Internet servers of the type used in the millions by Google, Amazon and CDNs such as Akamai were designed for transferring generic web content, not for streaming high-resolution live video.

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